Sunday, February 3, 2013

Rally Round-Up of Michigan Visit

When you haven't visited your home state in a couple of years, there are lots of places to go and so many people to see! Here's a quick roundup....

Last minute, I organized a lunch with a bunch of old Wayne State Swimming and Diving teammates and coaches.  I didn't tell anyone who was coming and it was fun to watch all of the surprised reactions as people trickled in. After lunch, we walked over to the Matthaei building - center of athletics at Wayne state.  Names of graduate athletes are posted on boards in the hallways of the athletic center.

Old teammate/roomie Lindsey and I wondering around the athletic building.  I couldn't believe it when I realized that Lindsey and I met 8 years ago! I was a super shy freshman and she helped me break that bubble!
One of my favorite memories of diving with Lindsey is when she would attempt a dive, stop halfway down the diving board and scream 'look - a naked man!' Being incredibly gullible - of course I looked!  

Lindsey and Mandy taking the perfect pics of their names.

Old teammates, Mandy and Lindsey and I

One evening, Evan and I attempted to go ice skating at Campus Martius in Detroit; it is one of my all-time favorite things to do.  The ice rink is right in the middle of downtown Detroit and all of the sky scrapers look amazing lit up for the holiday season.  We got the rink around 7pm.... and it was too damn cold to skate!  Our blood has certainly heated up since living in Texas; we are such babies now when it comes to cold weather! Had to get our photo in front of the big tree though!

The Breesome :)  There aren't words to describe this......


  1. I need to remember to take a pic of my name on the wall...btw where is that photo of all of us at lunch?

  2. This is so cool and welcome to wussy-dom...where we fear the cold. lol but hey...You can now handle temps in the triple digits with humidity making it feel like the 110s??? I'm just saying. The third coast, where winter comes for one week a year. And summer comes for 8 months.

  3. You were never a "shy" freshman!