Friday, February 8, 2013

Giant Stink Bugs!

I have always dreamed about having a wonderful garden!  When I was a kid, my parents had a fabulous garden at one of our houses that blossomed every summer with amazing flowers, tons of fruits and veggies.  Our blackberry bushes quickly grew into a forest and the giant blackberries were always so scrumptious freshly picked from under the sun.

So, attempting to recreate such a place on my small apartment patio, I have created a small potted garden.

Truthfully, I don't take as good of care of it as I should.  Green thumb fail #1.

And Green thumb fail #2....
I can't stand bugs!!
So, while cleaning out some of my dead plants and branches - I came across this giant stink bug! GIANT stink bug!  Of course, I verbally accosted him and interrogated him as to why he thought it such a good idea to sneak up on me. 

After a couple of neighbors walked by, I decided I needed to calm down. I got back to work... and behold!

There were three more GIANT stink bugs in the plant!

They are kind of hard to see - but there are two more in this picture!  They were about 3-inches long and 2-inches across. They walked  so slowly and they all stared at me the entire time I worked.  I must have scared them though - because I haven't seen them since....

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  1. Now those are really big bugs - yuck - but at least they aren't roaches. But glad to know you aren't working ALL the time and you've taken up a hobby. I'm thinking about starting a raised community garden over near the tennis courts. I'd like to have fresh fruit & veggies again.