Thursday, February 21, 2013

Sneak peak at an extraordinary bathroom remodel!

Bathroom remodels can be SO much fun!  It's a space you use several times a day.... so why not make it a joy to use.

A recent bathroom remodel is finishing up; a project with Wamhoff Development and I have a sneak peak at  a couple of the 'after' photos.

Of course, I have to start with some of the before shots!

Bathroom before.

A young couple came to me and wanted to completely revamp their master bathroom.  The space had a GIANT bathtub... and a teeny tiny vanity.  An even smaller shower and no storage.  They wanted an overhaul to make this space pretty amazing.

Bathroom before.

The cabinetry was original to the house and in pretty bad shape. There was hardly any lighting.... and carpet on the floor!

Bathroom After!
Pretty amazing! There are still a couple of final touches - but this bathroom turned itself into a spa-dream!

We removed the tub and added a door so that the couple could easily access their backyard space.  We split the single vanity into two and moved all the plumbing around!

The glass mosaic add a touch of spa-green!

Bathroom after!

Lighter materials, new lighting, some much needed additional storage, make this small space seem much bigger than it is!  

More to come!


  1. Amazing!! And those lights that WERE above the mirror were so awful. yuck. Are the new mirror sconces on the mirror itself? And does the shower have glass walls or is it open? Super interested in this Wamhoff Development business you speak of. Well done to the both of you!

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  3. Thanks, D! It was such a fun project :) Yes- the sconces are mounted on the mirror itself. There are glass walls - but they weren't installed when these pics were taken :)

  4. “Bathroom remodels can be SO much fun!” - Definitely! It is actually one of the things I enjoyed the most when we remodeled the entire house. Anyway, your bathroom looks superb! It’s clean, fresh and filled with light. Plus, the white color made it look even more spacious. Well done! ->Randell Jeffries

  5. Thanks for the compliment! I was so happy with how this space turned out... now we're working on revamping their exterior...

  6. Wow! Totally love the improvement in the bathroom. Everything was changed! You turned it from dull to fabulous! What I like here the most is that you made it very functional without compromising the design. Good job! ->Keaton Oakes