Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dinosaur Excavation 2012: Part 1

Early in 2012, rumors began swirling of dinosaur fossils being found in Texas.  People all over the state got excited about the amazing discoveries of small fossils dating back to prehistoric ages.  Stores all over the place were quickly selling out of hammers and chisels as people searched for Jurassic treasure.
Hidden away, in a small suburb, lives the most excited dinosaur bone hunter of all, Brenner the Excavator. Day and night, he dreamed of finding dinosaur bones and bringing to life the giant lizards of the past.

Knowing all to well of his love for the hunt, Brenner received his very own excavation kit for Christmas.  Armed with his trusty chisel and protective eyewear,  he set out into the wilds of Texas to find his fossilized treasure.

Of course, sister Audrey had to see how fashionable she looked in the protective eyewear. Pretty darn cute, if you as me!

But this was no adventure fit for amateurs. Brenner the Excavator would need to use his expert eye to search for bones.

Early on in his quest, Brenner stumbled upon a soft piece of clay with what appeared to be small white spots. 

"Could these be dinosaur bones?!" Brenner the Excavator wondered out loud.

Filled with excitement, he began carefully chiseling away at the soft dirt.  Tink by tink, the ground began to split apart revealing more of these tiny white spots.

Although the site looked promising, the ground was harder than Brenner the Excavator expected.  He worked day and night to reveal some small fragments of bone carefully brushing away dust and dirt.

A small crowd gathered near Brenner's excavation sight.  The air was filled with titillating excitement as more and more of a bone became unearthed. Cheering him on, the crowd bellowed 
"Gooooo Brenner... the Excavator!  Did you find... and oooold alligator?"

A little help from some colleagues goes a long way. Archaeological student, Evan assisted in small portions of the dig. But Brenner the Excavator was sure to remind him, "On your nose, your glasses must lay, before you hammer any piece of that clay!"

Stay tuned to see what amazing discovery Brenner the Excavator makes!


  1. You got me hooked right at the first line! so cute!!

  2. That was awesome! Felt like I was right there on the expedition with Brenner. And everyone looks awesome with their safety glasses on.