Monday, January 21, 2013

4th Annual Band Reunion!

About a week before I moved to Houston, 3 years ago now, I got in contact with some of my old band classmates from Williamston High School.  We always had so much fun in band, I had a hunch that we would have as much fun (if not more) outside of band.

My hunch was correct and every years since, we've had a small get-together right around Christmas.

This year, was the 4th annual Williamston High School Class of 2004 Band Reunion Extravaganza!
We had our largest turnout ever... and even attracted some non-band stragglers!
It's funny how much people change.... but not really :)

The percussionists!

Flannel shirts!

Chris, Anna, Dave, Mike, Thomas, Grant, Nikk, Erika, Jeremy

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