Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What the frames match?

I love, love, love, photography. I love to look at pictures, take pictures, edit pictures all that jazz. Most of my photos are high contrast and brightly colored. I do like black and whites but I love color!

When I went to redo my room after I moved back home, I wanted to use the photographs that I had taken. I had a lot of photos with a lot of different colors. When I showed my mom all the pictures I was going to put up, she was a little worried that they might clash. However, I had a plan to make sure that that wouldn’t happen. I got some thicker, cheap frames and spray painted them a glossy black and silver. Then I framed the pictures with those. This way even though all the photos were different colors the look as a whole worked.

My room! (My bedspread is way cuter in person lol)
I also had these awesome opera reprints from back in the 50’s and I really wanted to display them as well. But there was the same issue. There were no colors in the prints that were anything close to coordinating to what I had. So I did that same thing. I got two thick black frames to put them in. This way the pieces are still the main focal point but there is an element to tie it all together.

So if your afraid that your photos, or your art work are going to clash, but you really want to display it, frame everything in coordinating frames.

 - Erin

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