Saturday, September 1, 2012

Pinterest Crafts

Right now, I am working on a fun project.  I am updating three apartment models for two apartment complexes in Austin, TX.  Each apartment has it's own distinct style with it's own "family." 

In one apartment, the "couple" has "two young boys."  I should be naming my family members.... 

Anywho- the two boys are going to share such a fun room.  Pinterest is helping me come up with some fun decoration ideas....
This painting was made by taking painters tape and sticking it across a canvas at funny angles. Then, I painted each triangle a different color, removed the tape with it was dry and viola! Pretty cool!

You can paint the entire canvas a single color before you begin- a metallic bronze is a pretty cool option.  Then you can color coordinate to you space- like use only shades of blue.  Completely customizable and super easy to do!

We've all seen the things made with paint chips- here is my version! I had my assistant Erin gather a bunch of paint chips from Home Depot then use a giant circle punch to create the circular chips.

She applied the chips to a piece of foam core. I found the old frame in my dumpster and after spray painted it black, we had a brand new frame!

Not too shabby!!

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