Thursday, September 27, 2012

Custom Artwork

Sometimes, you never quite know what a home designer had in mind when he/she was creating a set of blueprints.  On a particular project I was working on, the designer added a humongous niche above the fireplace in the family room.  Humongous may not be the correct term... how about gargantuan! 

Not even exaggerating, the space measured 9-feet tall, by 4-feet wide, and almost 2-feet deep!

So, what do you put in such a large place?

While looking through some wall covering books for a different client, I came across this wall covering mural. It was a set of three panels that could be applied together to make a beautiful mural.  All the colors were right, the size was almost perfect, and the price was unbeatable.

So we went for it.  Except- we had to turn it into art first.
That's where my faux finish friend, Laurie Lopez, and her helper Jeremy came in.  They applied the mural to a piece of MDF I had cut to a size that would look great inside the niche.

Then, to make it not look so flat, Jeremy and Laurie added some painterly touches. 

Here's the result!


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