Saturday, October 5, 2013

More babies!!!

Yes! Another baby shower :)

This time, my good friend, Susan, is expecting a little girl in December.  Not one to waste any time, Susan and her husband, Vincent, have already named their little bundle Charlotte.  I am thoroughly excited for Susan's little addition and was thrilled to help her mom out throwing her a baby shower. 

Her invites were covered in umbrellas and we flew with 'shower' theme but added some spunky colors and polka dots.

Susan's mom was so clever; she found pink umbrellas for party gifts but also made little 'umbrellas' filled with pink M&Ms.

To spice things up - I found some little temporary tattoos of various mustaches.  Mini mustaches for your index finger :)  College friend Liz is on the Left.... Susan is on the right.

Since the Onesie decorating was such at hit at my sister's shower, we brought the supplies over, bought some new white onesies, and went to town!  It was amazing how excited... and serious people were for the onesies.  Several people set their Champagne and Pink Lemonades down, stopped socializing, and got to work. 

Here are just a few of Charlotte's new clothes!
Here's my favorite onesie of them all - in honor of Vincent's profession, my sister made one that says, "my daddy can arrest your daddy" complete with handcuff!
During the gift opening, we played Bingo.  Each guest got an empty Bingo card and was responsible for filling in the squares with items they thought Susan would receive.  As she opened the gifts, you would mark off the item if you had it on your card.

This is going to become a staple at all of my parties! Not only did it give something for the guests to do while presents were being opened, it got people interacting with each other. My favorite is when Susan would receive something obvious that everyone forgot about... while Susan would be ecstatically thanking someone, the entire room would groan!
Susan's Grandmas and friends :)

Susan and Geraldine

Geraldine and Shirley

Ms. Shirley made this amazing quilt for Charlotte!  Nobody thought of that as a possible gift :) 

Party! Party!  Can't wait to meet little Christmas baby Charlotte! Surely pictures to come....

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