Monday, October 21, 2013

Houston's Rainbow Lodge

I have been meaning to blog about a dinner Evan and I had a few weeks ago, we had the most amazing meal at the Rainbow Lodge in the Heights in Houston.  Evan and I enjoyed our experience here so much, that I would, without a doubt, suggest this place to anyone!  It is a gem in the middle of the city and every bite was incredible!

If you're interested in heading to the Rainbow Lodge - check out their website here!

The Rainbow Lodge has been in Houston for over 30 years and looks like a old log cabin nestled in the heard of the city.  

 Complete with gardens on the grounds, a beautifully landscaped back porch area with various levels of patios and porches, and of course, mounted animals all around!

The menu looked amazing..... we couldn't decide what to get. So, we ordered the "Chef  Tasting Special" which included 7 plates personally prepared.... and presented by him.  I wish there were words to describe just how delicious each plate was!  I will do my best to explain each item as I remember it, and you will probably get sick of reading words like, "delicious, scrumptious, delectable, tasty, mouth-watering...." and many many more!

I wish I could remember what this was....I think it might be the Southern Fried Quail on White Cheddar Organic Grits, Bourbon Bacon Gravy.  

Pressed Watermelon Salad, Marinated Banana Peppers, 
Ricotta Salata, White Balsamic Emulsion served on a chilled piece of slate.

Happy girl!

Don't remember.... just looking at this photo makes my mouth water!  The chef was young, younger than Evan and I, and every member of the staff spoke so highly of him!  It seems he is a visionary in the food world and the entire restaurant is excited for the possibilities. 

Evan and I licked each plate clean, got to talk to the chef about each of his creations, chat with him about all things food :) and went home happy and bellies completely full!

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