Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Design Color Forcast - 2014

Every year, Sherwin Williams releases it's color palettes forecasting the popular colors for the up and coming design year.  This year's release is an usual collection of bright and vibrant mixed with muted and soft.  Take a look at three colorful palettes below and read the amazingly descriptive palettes below.

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 "Strange, unusual or wondrous. Something’s brewing on the spectrum. It’s a strange new elixir, where mad science meets fantasy, and sweet dreams overlap with feverish nightmares. Bio-design, inspired by nature at the molecular level, brings weirdly organic patterns, textures and colors into the mix, inviting us to see strange things in intriguing new ways. Oddities are now objects of fascination, even desire. The bizarre has never been more beautiful."
 "Light, delicate and translucent. Picture a pearl veiled by chiffon: a soft gleam behind gossamer fabric. It’s a luxurious image, but luxury isn’t what lures us to it. Instead, it’s the exquisite, spiritual balance of simplicity, delicate colors and strength tempered by softness. Today we experience this gently blurred duality all around us, from the menswear influences on feminine clothes, to the soft-touch materials on electronic gadgets."
"Belonging naturally, essential. As the global melting pot slowly blends the world into one stew, there’s growing interest in preserving individual cultural traditions — before it’s too late. Native peoples are looking inward rather than outward, with a new appreciation of their own origins and crafts. Handmade lace, embroidery, batik and other ethnic dyeing techniques lend an earthy, folkloric aesthetic to this new Bohemianism."

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  1. I see a hint of the jewel tones returning. That good for our house!. Thanks for the update!