Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Worldwide Wood Manufactory and Market

There is always something to do in Houston... always!  If I played my cards right, I could attend an event almost every night of the week and still miss a few.

A few weeks ago, an invitation found its way to my desk that really caught my eye. It was to celebrate the opening of a new company Worldwide Wood Manufactory and Market and they were coordinating their grand opening with a private performance by the Associate Concert Master of the Houston Symphony,Violinist Eric Halen. 

And it was only a mile from Evan's house.  So I RSVP'd for two and kindly told Evan he was going to attend with me :)

Obviously, I need to still work on where to look at on the camera!

Worldwide Wood Manufactory is a small company that handcrafts wood floors, wood countertops, stair treads... and now custom tables.  One of the business partners scours the area for amazing old tables that have beautiful bases.  Then, the woodworker repairs and refinishes the bases as needed and then applies a beautiful table top. 

The possibilities are endless! You can have a thick table top, a thinner one, a picture frame design, small widths of wood, a mix of widths, etc. etc....

The wood is finished with a mixture of mineral oils and waxes that give it an incredibly soft, buttery hand!  

Then... the performance! I was really excited to see Eric Halen perform solo violin pieces and he certainly did not disappoint!! He was the kindest, most unassuming man and told amazing stories of the pieces he was going to play and his 400 year-old violin (it was made in the same year that Shakespeare died!).

As soon as he started playing... Evan and I were enthralled! The concert lasted about 45 minutes and I may have smiled and held my breath the entire time... it was such a treat!

The group is thinking about starting a concert series and both Evan and I signed up to get the alerts! (Evan didn't trust that I would let him know when they were :)

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