Monday, November 26, 2012

It's gone... Third time donating to Children with Hairloss

Well, my hair is long gone!! About a week ago, I woke up and started my normal routine.  Took a shower and then started working on my hair; it had become nuisance taking over 20 minutes to dry, and then attempting to style was a disaster.

So, it was time! Time to get rid of the locks.

Before... getting ready!

Before- it had been a long time since my last haircut.  This is the longest my hair had ever been!

I couldn't resist this picture! The stylist and his assistant helping getting the locks ready to chop off.


First lock getting cut off! My sister came by to watch and take pictures.

Second lock getting cut off!

Last one!

The locks are being donated to Children with Hairloss, an organization based in Michigan.  Wigs are made for children who have lost their hair due to various illnesses. Hair has to be at least 8-inches long. Non-treated hair is preferred but they will take anything.  Anytime you're thinking of a serious haircut - please consider donating! You simply mail in your locks :)


Here's Evan and I on Thanksgiving :) New and improved hair!

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  1. What a selfless act! And your hair looks great either way.
    Love you,