Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Some Like it Hot!

My good friend Susan had dabbled in makeup artistry while she was in high school in college. She would beautify bridal parties, prep catalog models, and even make her then-boyfriend (now husband) into Edward Scissorhands. 

Recently, she was approached by an old colleague about starting her own business.  However, even in just her few year hiatus from the business, there have been some changes. Primarily with airbrushed makeup.  

So, she needed some guinea pigs to practice with her new equipment and build her portfolio.

What ensued was a fun night with a few girls, makeup, wine, Nutella cupcakes, and some fun with the camera!
I got a nice neutral, everyday look :)  I would have never picked those brown shades... but I am going to start using them now!

The airbrush makeup applies such an even tone to your skin - it really has quite a smooth and flawless finish.

My sister Adrienne got a more dramatic look. Adrienne rarely wears eyeliner - it was so fun to see her with such highlighted eyes!

I was deemed photographer for Adrienne and had way to much fun snapping the flash in her face over and over again :)
But... we got some really great photos of her makeup!

Ashton got a really dramatic out-on-the-town look :) And she rocked it!

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  1. Soooo cute!!! E, your makeup is flawless and sooo pretty and it's crazy seeing A with her eyes done up..so loving the eyeliner. All 3 of you girls look amazing.