Thursday, March 21, 2013

An Interesting Thought

Evan has recently introduced me to the intellectual genius that is Dr. Neil deGrassie Tyson. He is an astrophysicist and now the director of the New York City Planetarium.. the one that houses the Hubble Telescope.

It is hard to read - so I'll retype it here....

"There's a worm in the street, you walk by it. Does the worm know that you think you're smart? The worm has no concept of your smarts.  Because you're that much smarter than the worm.  So the worm has no idea that something smart is walking by it.  Which makes me wonder whether we have an concept - if a super species walked by us.  Maybe they're uninterested in us because we're too stupid for them to even imagine having a conversation. You don't walk by worms and go "gee I wonder what the worm is thinking." This is just not a thought you have! So one of the best pieces of evidence for why we haven' been visited by aliens is that they have actually observed us and concluded there is no intelligent sign of life on earth."

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