Monday, October 1, 2012

Multi-purpose room - Husband and Wife Duo

A recent client of mine had quite a dilemma: her husband loves to watch TV (particularly live concerts) and she has a passion for sewing.  Sounds like a typical couple. Except, they wanted a single room where they could enjoy each others' company while partaking in their hobbies.  They happened to have a large game room on their second floor that could do the job- but it needed a little work. 

First- we rearranged the furniture. To the right (outside of the picture), is the entertainment center with the big ol' TV and speakers.  Behind the loveseat, is the wife's sewing table. So she can sew and watch TV with her husband.  You can see her work station in front of the window on the right. 
Next, we installed some dual purpose window treatments.  These room darkening curtains can be closed to make the room perfect for watching a movie.  However, when they are open, they add a soft feminine touch to the otherwise, very masculine room.

Close up of the drapery fabric.

The couple has a beautiful family of children and grandchildren which we proudly displayed on their walls. The photos are hung on Command Strips- the adhesive hooks - so we didn't hammer a single hole into the wood paneling. 

Finally, we replaced a large stone cocktail table with a giant custom ottoman. While the stripe adds a fun manly touch, the fabric brings in some much needed color. The ottoman is on castors so, if the wife is working a big project, she can wheel it out of the way and lay her pattern on the large open floor.

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