Friday, October 19, 2012

Houston's Best 2012

 The annual Houston's Best Awards were held on October 6th at the Hilton America's hotel in downtown Houston.  It's always a fun party and a way to celebrate the past year's achievements in the Houston area's design and building industry.  

It's not ordinary party either; everyone get's all fancy and dresses up. Just check out Evan's James Bond outfit!
One of my favorite pictures of us... ever!

My standards for swanky parties were just set higher; personalized chocolate coins are a must!

There are so many awards given to the different areas in the industry including remodel, new construction, interior design, marketing, real estate, sales, green design, and many more. Several designers at BDI were finalist and award winners! Cindy Aplanalp won several awards including best Interior Design Bathroom and Living Room, Brenda Denny took home Best Interior Design Specialty Room!

(Me, Evan, Brenda, Peggy, Scott, Cindy, Amber, and Lucas)
BDI - we clean up pretty well.....

And, well.....we always know how to have a great time!

After the awards, I got to meet up with two old friends from Wayne State!!! Jarod and Diver Dan. We haven't seen each other in years and well... years too long!  Stay tuned to see some fun pics of Dan's wedding week extravaganza!


  1. Evan holding you in that picture is making my eyes water!!

  2. That is a great pic of you and Evan. You look great in all the shots - even planking! Beautiful dress too - I have such awesome taste.
    Love ya,