Friday, December 6, 2013

High Point Market Highlights: My Favorite Collection

Although there is so much to see at High Point Market and it is extremely difficult to name just a few items as my favorites, there was one collection that I absolutely adored!  Alexander Julian designed this collection for Jonathon Charles and every piece oozes amazing and fun details. 
Dry bar cabinet with a houndstooth pattern on the bottom and an inlay stripe on top.  Although it is difficult to see, the knobs on the drawers are 4-hole buttons!  And who wouldn't love the bow tie cocktail table!

This Tartan Haberdashery is one of the coolest pieces of furniture I have ever seen.  The tartan design on the front is only the beginning of how amazing this piece is.  Open it up and....

Compartments and spaces for everything a guy could need.

Bow tie hardware!  
I'm seriously considering this piece as a gift for a special someone!

Necktie bench = smiles on my face!

What a fun and unexpected collection!  I love how elegant and beautifully crafted each piece is and a single piece would add a touch of whimsy to a traditional space. 

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