Monday, December 31, 2012

Have a sense of humor...

Okay so some people have a hilarious sense of humor. They talk and you just nearly pee your pants (I have never, but I’ve heard about this on Chelsea Lately). Anyways if you have a good sense of humor, but aren’t too funny to talk to, how do you express yourself?

I have found some great products that are just funny.

This would be a great way to freak out your guest. The bath mat turns blood red when it gets wet. Gross, but I bet hearing an in-law scream after they get out of the shower would be pretty funny.
Now I am not a fan of too much just overly kiche stuff. But if you love something or think it’s just super funny, then go for it. It’s your house. You’re the one living there.

For example, I don’t really like to do stuff that is trendy. I mean it’s a trend it will go out before you know it, and then what do you do with the stuff. However, I am loving all the Keep Calm and Carry On stuff. Love it almost as much as I love Harry Potter, which is a lot.
So if you want to add a funny twist to your space, look for stuff that makes you laugh.

 - Erin

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